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And now, a red-boot-reward.

I finally finished the first full draft of my new novel.

It is on paper and has been sent off (even if only a small chunk of words make it through revisions, this step is satisfying!). Wow. That took a LOT longer than I thought it would. Not that I haven't loved and cared about and enjoyed all of my books up until now, but this one really made me take the time to sit and soak and mull and fret far more than I ever have on a first draft before. Truth be told, I have been working on this book -- almost exclusively -- for almost a year and a half. (I say almost because I had to finish KISS IT edits last summer, and I wrote and rewrote the first bit of a silly and -- I think -- hilariously fun middle-grade novel a bunch of times while I was "fasting" from the other book.) A year and a half is a long freaking time for me. Which is why I deserved these as a present for finishing -- this will be my first pair of Fluevogs, and my golly, they are hot:

They have not arrived yet, so perhaps my calves will not actually squeeze inside them, but I'm hoping. I also need some charming skirts to accompany them, or perhaps those dreaded skinny jeans people have been flaunting. Maybe -- maybe! -- I'll even get the kind with the zippers running up the sides, just for funsies. On second thought, I looked ridiculous in those the first time around, so I will leave zippered jeans to other, more-daring souls.

You will find me flitting about town in my new boots while I try really hard to take a bitty little vacation from writing. Maybe just for a week, but I think I deserve it!