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Writing the ending

I love the set-up stages of a new book. Meeting the characters, watching them do foolish things that start a chain of events that unravel into a story, setting the scene - that's the fun part of both reading and writing for me. As an author, writing the ending of a book is pretty much impossible. I'm at that stage now with my Summer 2010 novel, KISS IT, and it's just a little bit brutal. Up until now, I've written nice romantic comedies that wrap up easily and quickly and everything is great. But with this book, the ending isn't as simple and I don't really know what to do. I'm afraid of leaving my characters behind.

I'm realizing that part of the problem is that I am in the middle of reading five different books right now, and very rarely do I actually finish the books I start to read. Even when I really, really love a book, I have a hard time getting to the end of a story. I get so excited about starting the next book on my list that I just start to read it while I'm still only halfway through the book I started a few days earlier. Then I forget to finish reading that first book.

But now, because I need to motivate myself to write the ending of KISS IT, I'm going to spend the next week finishing all the books I've started in the last few months. A marathon of reading endings - this is not to say I don't love these books, but I just get so swept up in the newness of a new book. Here's what I have to look forward to: