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Fears & A Daily Affirmation

I've never been quiet about the fact that flying (the airplane kind, not the kind where I leap off the top step with an umbrella) is my greatest fear. I'm a generally anxious person, and for some reason that amazing above-the-clouds floaty sensation is quickly eclipsed by fear as soon as the airplane hits a little bump in the air. I don't really remember when this fear became stronger than my love for travel, but I know it got bad--like, really bad--after September 11. But that isn't where it started. As an impatient sort of person, long bouts of therapy to figure out where things went wrong are unlikely to cure me--they'll just make me tense and worried that I'm doing something wrong since I'm certain not to be cured after Session 1.

So after trying a few other mild and less-mild medicinal options for self-soothing, I've now turned to hypnosis. In all fairness, I'm also testing out hypnosis to get a little more insight on natural healing and what I lovingly call "chakra and spiritual mumbo jumbo" (for research on the book I'm writing now), but I'm also really, really hoping this path works for me. So what have I learned so far?

1. I do not like hearing other people talk to me for 2 hours straight. I'm a talker, people! I don't like to be silent that long and I *need* to crack a joke when you say things like "my spirit will be free."

2. My breath naturally goes to my chest...it doesn't feel good in my belly. But I'll try it, because I'm a good sport.

3. Cinnamon incense is nice. So are hypnosis chairs and those little neck pillow things they give you. But I'm guaranteed to take a very expensive nap in that chair one of these days. Mark my words.

4. Turns out, my subconscious likes to take me to this creek in my hometown for relaxation and serenity...oddly enough, it's a scene at that same creek that totally freaks my character out in the book I'm working on. There's conscious vs. subconscious mind for you!

5. For great happiness and self-soothing, I am supposed to say this at least 3 times a day: "And Erin, I love you." YUP! I just did it now. You try it (but use your name instead of mine...unless you're a weirdo, then feel free to affirm to me) -- feel better?

You're welcome.