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This week, I finished the first full draft of my next novel. I wrote the whole thing in 2 days less than a month.


For the first time ever, I'm publishing under a pseudonym. Which makes me worry, just a little bit, that it might not feel real when the book comes out. I'm really very happy with the story and the character, and incredibly proud of the book - for something written in three+ weeks, it's surprisingly very good! 

The strangest thing about a pseudonym is that it's like there are now two of me out there, writing for different genres under different names. Does this mean I get two wardrobes and two muffins for breakfast, too? That would be nice.

So what's up next? Well, as of yesterday, I'm back into the middle bits of my next teen novel. I took a short break to write this "other me" book, but I've really missed the story I left a few weeks ago and I'm so thrilled to be back in it again. I left myself dangling on a cliffhanger, and I can't wait to see what happens next!