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Writing Full-Time

Here I am, sitting in a cozy corner of Java Jack's, just starting Week 3 of my 4 week sabbatical from "The Day Job". (That's my foot up on the chair across from me....I really make myself at home here.) I've been writing full time for the past 2 weeks, and I am loving every minute of it. I'm still not quite in a place (financially, mentally) where I can do this full-time writership every day of every month, but this short little respite from my regular life has given me a glimpse of how relaxing and invigorating writing is when it's what you do all day, every day.

But it's also a job.

And like any job, it's kinda hard to be motivated every second of every day. I was talking to another writer, Jordan Sonnenblick, a few months ago about his take on full-time writing. He said a few things that struck me as interesting, and they're all ringing true. For one, you don't become more productive on your manuscript just because you have more time. My word count is almost exactly the same at the end of every day than it was when I had only a few hours to chug it out vs. stringing the text out across the whole day. But the other thing he said is also very true: Your blood pressure and general quality of life is much improved. I've never had any issues with actual high blood pressure, but in a metaphorical sense, I am totally there. Life rocks right now. I'm even getting time to watch American Idol!

I have to admit that I'm already a little anxious and tense about only having 2 weeks left of this "time off", but know that I need to enjoy the second half of my break rather than think about After Break. I still have half a book to write in the next 2 weeks!