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This week, I sold my (and my agent's!) first book of 2010. This deal took me squarely off guard, since I have a different proposal out in the market right now, and it wasn't a sale on that books. Bizarrely, it is a project that came my way from one of my former editors who I haven't been able to work with since she moved to a different publishing house. She needed a book written in a month, she knew I have a month off at my day job to write, and somehow timing and my writing style meshed together into a good thing and the deal worked out. I'll be writing the book under a pseudonym - something about overextending my brand, says my agent - so it feels like I'm living someone else's life for the next month. I mean, who am I? Writing full time using someone else's name? It really does feel like I've shifted over into a pretend other-life.

So....rewards. I have made a pact with myself that says every time I sell a book, I get myself some sort of prize. My first two books I bought bags (purses, technically, but I hate that word). My third and fourth - sold within days of each other - helped buy movers to move the fam across the country (yeah, not a sexy reward, but sometimes you gotta use a paycheck as a paycheck and U-Hauls blow) followed by a massage. My fifth (which comes out this summer) bought me a really cool, bright red cruiser bike with a wicker basket. This time? Noise-canceling headphones, which cracks me up. The reason this strikes me as funny is that I draw so much material from listening to people around me when I'm working at coffee shops or the library. So canceling out all those rich conversations seems foolish. But I've been coveting these for several years - even though they're really dorky-looking - and I just went for it. I'm hoping this will get me in a zone that will allow me to start and finish this book in exactly one month.

Any other tricks for staying on task? What would your reward be?
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