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Draft done...

Amazingly, I have actually finished a first draft of my summer 2010 novel - written in less than four full months, and I'm not even all that exchausted. This book, of course, is currently titled: KISS IT. I say "currently", because now that the book has been written, I wonder if that's the right title after all. This stage of the process is always hard - full of self-doubt about the writing, the plot, the title, worry about what the cover will look like, how your editor will react, blabbity blah blah. And that's where I am right now: in the doubt and worry stage. I love the book - really, really love it. More than anything I've written before, I'm thrilled about the characters and the story and the "point" of this book. Ultimately, that's the most important thing. Because I think readers will like it, too.

But my editor is reading it, this very week in fact, and I will spend the next few days peeling my fingernails to small little stubs while I worry about what she'll think. Ugh.

Worry worry worry, fret fret fret. Fingers crossed that she'll love it.