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Kiss It

I am in the wrap-up stages of writing KISS IT, my Summer 2010 novel, and have hit the freak-out stage. The part where I wonder what the point of the book is, and worry no one will ever read it or buy it or even publish it. But then, yesterday, my amazing and hilarious author friend / writing therapist / I'm-freaking-out-help!-supporter Jennifer Echols (author of Going Too Far, etc.) agreed to read an ugly early draft of the book and give me her feedback. She liked it (at least, she said she did) and had some incredible suggestions for where to fluff and fix it up a bit! So now I'm burrowing myself back into the last thirty pages or so of the manuscript, and finishing this sucker up to get it off into the very capable hands of my editor extraordinaire. I can only hope she'll like it and won't tell me to throw it in the garbage and start over. That won't happen....I hope.....