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Teaser Tuesday: MOON SHADOW

Enjoy a short teaser from MOON SHADOW - this scene takes place on the night of Lucia's thirteenth birthday. The whole book will be in stores on May 16!

My body tensed with the realization that I was alone. But then I heard Anji’s laughter from somewhere nearby and relaxed. I called out to my friends, but the band Velvet’s dad had hired for the party began to play a loud song down in the yard, and I knew no one could hear me. I glanced up. There was only the tiniest sliver of bright moon left. I hustled across the expansive rooftop. The band transitioned into a bass solo, and in that moment of quietness the crinkle of moon pie wrappers echoed through the still night. To keep myself from getting any more spooked, I rubbed my moonstone and thought about all the things I would wish for during my birthday eclipse:

I wished for Will—that he and I could go back to being friends like we were before.

I wished for guts—to let both Velvet and my mom know how much they’d hurt me this year.

I wished for confidence—to speak the truth, rather than kicking my anger deep down to fester and rot and boil inside.

I wished for bravery—that I might find my moment to step out of the shadows to shine.

If the first star of the night were worth one wish—Star light, star bright / First star I see tonight—how many would wishing on the eclipse get me? How many wishes might it take to change my life?

A cool blast of night air blew over the roof wall. Just as the moon took its last timid step into the full, round shadow of the earth, I heard the tentative crunch of a footstep on the terrace behind me. I was momentarily frozen with all those unspoken wishes trapped on my tongue. Suddenly and without warning I felt myself crumple to the ground.