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Inspiring School Visits

Over the past two weeks, I have spent time with more than 450 kids in 17 classrooms, talking about writing and my brand-new middle-grade series (THE QUIRKS). Spending time with kids is the best part of this job. No one loves books more than children (they actually cheered when I put up pictures of some of my favorite books, and were bursting to tell me about what they are reading), and I felt like a total rock star in all of these classrooms (also, this article on the front page of my hometown newspaper this morning was really exciting!). There were actually two welcome signs in the lobby of Homecroft Elementary School in Duluth, MN, yesterday. Here's one of them - it made me cry a little bit (it's my first-ever sign):


The reason I've been able to spend so much of my writing time in the classroom over the past few weeks is because of this incredible grant I got from the State of Minnesota Arts Board. I received an Artist Initiative grant this spring that helps me dedicate more time to chatting with kids about writing and books. These grants are intended to support the arts throughout the State of Minnesota, and I've loved having the chance to visit schools I never would have been able to visit without the grant funds. So, thanks, Arts Board. These kids loved talking about writing and getting some inside secrets about The Quirks!


Next week, my publisher is sending me out on tour - to California - to launch The Quirks on the West Coast. I can't wait!!