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Available April 8, 2014, wherever books are sold!
Ages 9-12
Simon & Schuster/Aladdin M!X


Isabella Caravelli is beautiful, stubborn, and perfect...or so people say. But she's actually a lot less confident than people think, so the idea of spending a month at a lakeside resort with her parents and some of her dad's new coworkers and their families is really not in her comfort zone! But it's even worse when she discovers that two of the kids, Bailey and Ava, go to her school. Truth is, she hasn't always been...well...nice to them.

Izzy quickly discovers that the other kids aren't impressed by her, and she's going to have to change if she wants to fit in. She even begins to realize that Bailey and Ava are nice and could be great friends. Izzy knows that things are probably going to be different when they're back home. Can the three be forever friends? Or is Izzy stuck playing the mean girl forever?


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Apr. 21st, 2013 01:46 am (UTC)
Congrats, Erin! :)
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