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Last week I went to Los Angeles, CA, to visit my friend Robin Wasserman. Robin and I spent five days writing, eating (and eating and eating - oh, there was a lot of eating!), and watching a lot of reality TV. I totally got her hooked on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I'm not ashamed. She loved every minute of it. I also got to see my fantastic agent, Michael Bourret, who spent hours answering my questions, paying for my drinks, and listening to me ramble on about a lot of stupid stuff. (Also, I saw some celebrities, including one lady I'm 94% certain was Kathy Griffin's mom! I love Kathy Griffin, and her mom totally cracks me up. But it could have been some other lady, who was not Kathy Griffin's mom. Maybe.)

I spent all day, every day, in California revising the second book in my middle-grade series (The Quirks). Some time away from my kids really did wonders. I'd been feeling stuck, but I'm finally unstuck! I wrote about silly monsters and circus acts all day long, while eating donuts and drinking chai. Usually, my midday routine involves feeding kids mac and cheese or dealing with someone who just puked in the living room. Somehow, some time away from my full-time mom duties makes my other life as a full-time novelist feel glamorous again. Look how relaxed Robin and I look, strolling through the Venice canals:


Los Angeles is both beautiful and weird. Check this out:

kid driver

That kid was driving a motorized car right down the middle of the sidewalk! They really do drive everywhere in LA.

Now I'm back home and trying to finish up my revision by tomorrow. It's probably not going to happen, because it's my big kid's 7th birthday, but I will be done on Monday...and then, it's on to the next project - my next deadline isn't until September 1! True luxury. So maybe, just maybe, I can afford a short break. Woo hoo!