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Top 100

This might seem silly and a little pitiful to some people, but I've had a specific goal ever since my book launched on Amazon two weeks ago...I've been hoping None of the Regular Rules would make it onto the Top 100 list for Teen Romance. It's a specific and measurable metric, and I like to have goals and things to wish for. Today, it happened! I grabbed my phone and took a quick screenshot pic of my rosy #98, since who knows how long it will last. I would not be exaggerating to say that I whooped and screamed when I saw the number pop up. A tad dramatic, but these are the small, cheap thrills one gets when one spends too much time alone writing. (I'm not a hermit! I went out with girlfriends last night and have book club tonight...it's a big, exciting week.)

Here's a picture of the moment of glory, just to prove it:

Sales Rank

Thank you to everyone who's buying it and reading it and reviewing it and recommending it to others. This is such a fun month for me, and I could not be enjoying this book release more.