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Reviews & A Giveaway

I am so grateful to bloggers, readers, and friends for picking up None of the Regular Rules so quickly and diving right in to read it and post reviews. In just two weeks, I'm amazed at the reviews I already have coming in for this novel. A couple of my favorite quotes include:

"The heat between [Sophie and Johnny] is so great that if it wasn't an e-book, I'd be expecting the pages to catch fire. Sophie is a wonderful main character but Johnny is seriously swoon-worthy, and gets more so every time he's on the page." - YA Yeah Yeah

"A refreshing contemporary YA that makes for a great light read with a lot of realness to it." - Love, Literature, Art, & Reason

"Johnny is simply crusherific! His quirky personality and escapades are different from the typical 'hot macho bad boy' lead males we get to love so often. You will fall in love with Johnny Rush, I promise." - SupaGurl Books

I mean, come on - do quotes get better than that?? Don't they make you want to read the book?

Because good reviews (and Christmas songs!) put me in a great mood, I'm going to give away a free copy of the book to the first ten people who get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook, or here at my blog. If you've already bought and read this book, you can still get in touch with me on behalf of a friend and I'll send it to them as a gift from you! Tis the season for sharing.

Thanks for buying (and reviewing) my book! It means a lot to me.