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Days Off

When you're a writer, you periodically get to enjoy these strange and uncomfortable slices of time when you're "between projects." In the regular world, these chunks of nothing-to-do-ness are called vacation.

Right this very moment, I have one finished YA novel that is slipping on its prettiest shoes and getting ready to head out into the world to find a funny and smart editor-friend. I have also written and revised my Spring 2013 middle grade novel (THE QUIRKS), and am awaiting another round of edits from my editor at Bloomsbury - they should come any day now, at which point I will be trapped back inside my deadline cave. So one might think this would be a nice chance to take a few days off, enjoy a book, watch some TV. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I remember how vacation works anymore.

I've spent the week: meeting with a personal trainer (I tend to get pretty lumpy and lazy when I'm finishing books and then I slog through back-to-back workouts to try to make up for it), cleaning the bathrooms, hosting playdates, and pacing around the house - snacking on Cadbury Creme Eggs. I have a book project I've been working on, for fun, between other projects and all I want to do is write just a tiny bit of it, but I feel guilty for thinking about work when I'm supposed to be relaxing. Working for myself is sometimes the pits, because it turns out I'm a rather pushy and mean boss.

I do have a bunch of books lined up that I want to read in the next few weeks, though. I am currently wrapping up the first-pass pages of Jennifer Echols' sexy summer book - SUCH A RUSH. Also, I've finally started WHY WE BROKE UP by Daniel Handler. My book club picked Mindy Kaling's IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? - and I'm psyched about that. I'm also hoping to read THE STATISTICAL PROBABILITY OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (sounds like my style).

But maybe first I'll eat another Cadbury Creme Egg. Gotta fuel up for my trainer tomorrow.