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Bad Writer

Okay, I'm not actually a *bad writer*, but a bad blog author - it turns out, I sort of despise updating this blog. So I don't do it much. But that's partly because I've been busy writing other things! Since I haven't posted anything here in quite some time, I figured it's time for a round-up of updates. What's been going on since spring? A lot!

1) I wrote a funny middle-grade novel, the first in a series of books about a quirky, crazy, magical, misfit family that will be coming out in a little over a year (Bloomsbury).

2) It's now been more than a year since I left my day job - I haven't had one moment of regret about leaving the comfort of a career and a paycheck. I took most of the summer to swim, swing, and walk with my kids - and really enjoyed spending days outside, instead of in a stuffy office.

3) I also finished my first novel for grown-up kids (aka: adults). I wrote this book for a change of pace, for the fun of writing for a new group of (mostly) ladies, and I just love it. I don't yet know if anyone other than my mom and agent and critique partners will ever get to read it - we'll see!

4) I am officially immersed in my next teen novel! I'm first-drafting quickly, and hope to finish a full draft this year. So not a lot of blogging to come, since I have character-kissing to attend to.

5) I've been reading like crazy. I'm all over the place - reading adult ro-coms, middle-grade girly stuff, a ton of YA. It's so nice to have time to read, but now reading is on hold since I can never read (much) when I'm actively writing.

6) Yesterday, I ran my second 10-mile race ever! This is me (in the purple and pants), looking perkier than I felt. Oh, I hurt today.



Happy fall. Later,


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Oct. 19th, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on all counts! What awesome accomplishments. :)
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