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Random Amusements

 I haven't blogged in almost three months. And now, I'm back with an especially random post.

Okay, so on to the random amusements from this week.

This first thing amused me greatly. It was cold in Minneapolis this weekend, and I suddenly longed for spring. So I went to the garden store, where I bought something that was described on a sign as: "Tabletop Tomato Plant." Look at this picture - are they serious? Who thinks this a tabletop tomato?? I took a photo of this supposed "tabletop" tomato alongside a small flower pot for scale:

The second thing that amused me were the outfits my three-year-old twins chose for their Oscar-viewing outfits. They wanted to "dress up". I guess it was a nude-below-the-thighs sort of occasion (note: that's my daughter on the left, son on the right):

Finally, this didn't amuse me, but it did make me very happy. I'm not a cook (I can bake, though - baking is a deadline must), but I managed to whip up this yummy asiago cheese gnocchi with crispy sage and pistachios. Yum. I guess I can cook!